How much warmer was the planet 65 million years ago? 2. What caused the temperature to change? 3. How much warmer was the surface air temperature in the Arctic that it was in the 1981-2010 period? 4. What are the two methods used for determining ocean temperature changes? Explain how they show temperature changes. 5. Describe the three hypotheses for cooling during the past 50 million years. 6. How do we know about sea level, temperatures, and climate or the past? 7. What are the limiting CO2 contents for glaciation on Greenland and Antarctica? 8. Explain delta O18 and how it reveals past ice and ocean temperatures.Review the discussion of the scientific method in the Week 1 course material readings, and then describe an everyday decision-making situation in which you used it (like the previous watermelon example). What was your hypothesis? Explain how and why this prediction came to be. How did you test your hypothesis, or in other words, how did you collect and analyze the data? Was your hypothesis supported? If not, how would you revise it for the next situation? Did you communicate your results?

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