Week 4: Discussion Board (Self-Esteem)

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In recent years, some researchers have proposed that narcissism levels are on the rise as evidenced by an increased sense of entitlement and unrealistic expectations in younger generation millennials; and by an overall rise in individualism and materialism in our society.

The article entitled:“Is Self-Compassion the New & Improved Self-Esteem?” (Week 4 Required Resources)https://www.theepochtimes.com/is-self-compassion-t… offers a new concept of self-esteem that follows Buddhist philosophy. This philosophy stands in direct contrast to the notion of eliminating all feelings of low self-esteem and setting perfectionistic or idealistic standards for oneself.

After reading Chapter 4 in your e-Text and the article above, please discuss this new concept of self-esteem and compare it to Nathaniel Brandon’s ideas about self-esteem based on self-efficacy and self-respect as described in Chapter 4 of your e-Text.

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