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my rought draft that is horrible

Cera Stephens                                                                                          Stephens 1

Mrs. Maria Johnson

English 1101:

Composition and Rhet-20761

24 Oct 2021

                                                            A Healthy Goodbye

            Have you ever had a gut feeling that you are not making the right decision but it feels

good? That was me two years ago, deeply in love but knowing that they were not the one.

Constant nights of horrible thoughts, an abnormal amount of jealousy, and constant unsettling

feelings. I often question why I was still letting myself go through this and why he couldn’t

accept my whole package.

            The definition of love is the deliberate act of valuing someone more than you value

yourself. Love is the deliberate act of caring for, and listening to others. Love is wanting others

to succeed, to be happy and fulfilled. Which all of these is what I did for this person. I saw a

future I put their feelings before mine, and always listened. I never could understand why they

couldn’t do the same for me. Am I not good enough? Is he looking for someone better? Those

are the constant thoughts that were in my head. The phrase “if he wanted to he would” is so true

and now I can share my experiences with my peers and hopefully help them with their situations.

I had baggage. I had a baby daddy and my lovely child that he could never accept. He tried to say

he tried, by saying a couple words here and there, and coming over after he was asleep. I tried to

blame it on him not growing up with a dad. It was simply the case of him not being mature. After

realizing this I knew he wasn’t the one. The one wouldn’t make me feel like my child isn’t

accepted. This was the big push to the goodbye. In doing my own research online to see if others

were going through the same thing I was, I actually ran across several similar situations.

Although the company and love was I gave was comforting and routine, it was time to do

what I knew was best. My heart was pouring more love and time into someone who wasn’t fit for

me instead of the people who needed it the most. Today I share my situation with people who go

through difficult relationships so they are aware that its okay to let something go that doesn’t

complete you. Your happiness is important and you don’t deserve to feel like your not enough.

Going through this difficult time in my life really blossomed me into the person I am

today.  Everyday I try to be a better person. I make sure all areas in my life are in line and never

lagging. My son is happy and healthy and I can sleep Peacefully at night knowing he is loved

just as much as me. Never settle.

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