The life of Nat Turner has for a long time been at the center stage in most talks revolving around terrorism, freedom fighting and other various sub-themes developed by people of various walks of life in their day to day talks. As such, there has never been a conclusion on what the real life of Turner was like. This paper delves into understanding the life history of the man. It seeks to find answers to what really describes Turner. Was he a freedom fighter, terrorist or something else?

Turner was born in the county of Southampton around the year 1800 in the month of October. His birth took place at a Virginia plantation. The farm was owned by Benjamin Turner. His mother was called but little is known about his biological father. While being brought up, Benjamin Turner emphasized that the young Turner be exposed to religious activities taking place around as well as writing and readingĀ (Oates 23). Those around Nat Turner discovered early in life that the boy exuded unique and diverse talents. One of the unique sides of him is that he was able to recount on events that had happened before he was even born. This really mesmerized many people who viewed it as a miracle. Other people also started viewing him as a prophet.

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