Write 1 page with APA style on Native Americans and Criminal Justice. They play an intricate role in nation-building. This is through some of the cultural beliefs that they hold dear to them, to this day. Some may think they are uncivilized, savage, and unruly, but Native Americans bring a certain cultural difference to the lands (Nielsen & Robyn, 2009). In regards to the criminal justice system, their system and set of beliefs are quite different. What they might believe to be wrong in their eyes might hold a different opinion in a court of law, in the present time. The underrepresentation of Native Americans in many areas of the American society shows of the struggle they have to go through in modern times. They are a marginalized community, and their needs are not often addressed by the few representatives they have. Although colonization tried to bring in different ideologies, Native Americans still hold onto their beliefs (Nielsen & Robyn, 2009). They are now engaged in a war to prevent the erosion of their culture, by struggling to survive as a distinct, cultural community. In conclusion, to better understand what the Native American community goes through, it is best to understand them from before pre-colonization, to the present time. This can give one an understanding as to how they relate to others as people. One can also find the different ideologies they hold toward the criminal system (Nielsen & Robyn, 2009). Through the struggles they face, it is frighteningly normal to see why they are a marginalized group of people, and how they are trying to overcome these struggles.\

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