Assignment: Negotiation   Contracts 

Objective: For this assignment,   you are asked to write a five page paper is to develop a contract based on a   scenario you have created (the title and reference page will not count   towards page count). Please ensure that you address each of the following   sections. Each section will need to be labeled with the use of subtitles. You   will need to be thorough in detailing your negotiation contract as well as   describing the scenario you have created. The scenario that you create will   need to be one that is specific and/or an unusual circumstance (be creative).

  Below are the subtitles you can use; however, please note that you can change   the name of the subtitles based on your scenario.
  1. Introduction
  a. Define contracts and the importance of contracts
  2. Specific circumstances
  a. What is the scenario you have created for this assignment?
  3. Importance of addressing other’s needs
  a. Be clear when identifying the needs of both parties
  4. Preconditions
  a. Explain any prerequisites that are imperative prior to moving forward with   the development of the contract.
  5. Contract
  a. Discuss the details of the contract, in full.
  6. Conclusion

Explanation & Answer length: 5 pages

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