Papers should have title page, table of contents, executive summary, core report, conclusion, and sources(if outside the book).  Please double space your reports!  Report executive summary and core report should be approximately 8 to 15 pages.

Describe Netflix’s strategy over time.  What approach to the strategy process does Netflix follow?  What works well with this approach?  What are some challenges with this process, especially as Netflix continues to grow fast?
How was Netflix able to disrupt the U.S. home entertainment industry?  Describe Netflix’s innovation strategy over time.  Also, how did Netflix’s business change over time?  How did its business model innovation support its technology strategy?
What are Netflix’s core competencies?  How can they help Netflix to sustain its competitive advantage?  How must its core competencies be honed and modified?
Netflix growth in the United States seems to be maturing.  How could Netflix increase demand for its services in the United States?  What other services could Netflix offer to drive future growth?
International expansion appears to be a major growth opportunity for Netflix.  What challenges does Netflix face by going beyond the United States market?  What can Netflix do to address some of the challenges encountered when going internationally?  Which international markets should Netflix focus on, and why?

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