• As some of you have noted, the routers provided by many ISPs are not very good and limit your ability to harden your network. What would be some good features to consider when upgrading your home router?
    • What is 5G (not the 5.0 GHz band on your router) in networking? Should you consider switching to a 5G based provider for your home network if it were available in your area?
  • Would 5G be a good option for a business? Why or why not and in what context?
  • What is WISP? Would it be a good option for a home network? What about a business? What about in rural areas?
  • What are some potential options for people in rural, rugged terrain, or in other areas with limited infrastructure?
  • What is a network chokepoint? Are chokepoints good or bad?
  • What is throttling in networking? Have you ever experienced throttling?
  • What is a metered connection?
  • What is torrenting?
  • How can torrents reduce server load when downloading large files such as an Ubuntu iso?
  • What are MANs? Are they a more secure option than individual retail public networks?
  • If you were tasked with defining a personal device/BYOD security checklist to share with employees of an organization of your choice what would be the top 5 items on that checklist?
  • What is 2-factor authentication?
  • Is text messaging a secure form of communication? What about email? How could they be made more secure?
  • What are biometrics? What are the pros and cons of using biometrics for device and network security?

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