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I’m working on a philosophy practice test / quiz and need guidance to help me learn.

Here are five true statements:

1. Sophie is a cat.
2. If it is false that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, then it is false that Sophie is a cat.
3. UNO lost power during Hurricane Katrina and UNO lost power during Hurricane Ida.
4. Hurricane Ida was a major hurricane if and only if Hurricane Ida had sustained winds ≧ 111 MPH.
5. Hurricane Ida had sustained winds ≧ 111 MPH.

The rules of natural deduction include 8 Rules of Inference and 10 Rules of Replacement. Use the rules of natural deduction to make 5 valid inferences from the statements above or what follows from the statements above. Number these statements 6-10. To the right of each deduction, supply the justification for each inference as if you were constructing a formal proof of validity. Here, though, there is no specific statement you are trying to deduce in order to prove that a particular argument is valid. This assignment is merely and exercise in your making valid inferences in English based on the rules of the natural deduction.Tags: Natural Deductionrules of inferencetrue statements

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