What I am looking for is a literature review. A literature review that discusses published information based on the major themes outlined.  It should be more than just a simple summary of information from various sources as it will include an organizational pattern that combines both a summary and synthesis of information. A summary is a re-encapsulation of the important information found in the source, while a synthesis is a re-organization and combining of that information to present a more complete picture. Finally, the literature review will evaluate the sources and advise the reader of the most pertinent or relevant points.

I have taken the initiative to define the outline which can be used for the research and structure of the Lit Review. You can feel free to add additional themes you feel relevant but for the final project be sure to focus on my topic question and areas “What are the newest directions in the process of strategy development and execution?”.  This section should have at least 2200 words each and at least 6 scholarly sources within the last 10 yrs. The 2200 words does not including introduction and conclusion,  APA format precisely followed thorough out.

I. Intro
II. What are the newest directions in the process of strategy development and execution?
A.    How organizational design and culture correlate to strategic management?
B.    Importance of a people strategy and the role of human resources
C.    Significance of developing and strengthening organizational capabilities
            1. Approaches to internal development
            2. Acquiring capabilities through mergers and acquisitions
            3. Accessing capabilities leveraging collaborative partnerships
III.    Conclusion

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