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PR project on a company Which i chose nike its pretty easy just have al ot on my plate

Company Profile

Due: Sunday, February 28th

Project Goal: Students will select a company to research and develop a profile of their background, public relations department structure, and a recent public relations response. Students will do thorough research into the company’s background to gain an understanding of their organizational context, as well as the structure and functions of their public relations department. From there, students will select a recent public relations issue that the company has faced (either positive or negative) and evaluate their strategies and performances to determine the effectiveness of their public relations strategy and its connections to the company’s vision and values.

Project Areas: After deciding on a focus organization and conducting thorough research, students should develop the following sections for their project:

  • The Company’s Background (200 words)
    • Research the company’s background to understand their history, organizational contexts, and relationships with their audience. Provide a 200-word write up of your findings.
    • Provide at least one link to a supporting website or source.
    • Some questions to consider (not all need to be answered):
      • What are the company’s key products/services?
      • What audience(s) does the company primarily serve?
      • Who are their competitors?
      • What is the public perception of the company currently?
      • What are their key values? Do their actions align with them?
      • It’s important to explore this step before getting too far into your project. Some companies will provide a lot of resources on their public relations department, others will provide little or none. Make sure that the organization you choose gives you plenty to work with in this area.
    • to a supporting website or source.
    • to a supporting website or source.
  • Citation of Sources
    • A formal APA/MLA works cited page is not required, however you should make sure to include at least one link for each of the above areas (company background, public relations department background, and a recent PR issue) within your text.

Project Rubric (Four scoring areas worth up to 20 points each, 100 points total)

Company Background 200 words in lengthInclusion of at least one source linkA breakdown of the company’s history, its products and services, and its overall branding, mission, and valuesConsideration into public perception and overall presentation of the brand25
Company Public Relations Department 200 words in lengthInclusion of at least one source linkAn exploration into the company’s public relations department; the department’s leadership, the ways in which the PR department presents itself, the organizational structure of the department,  the accessibility (or inaccessibility) of key information to stakeholders.25
Company’s Public Relations Response 300 words in lengthInclusion of at least one source linkAn analysis into a recent (positive or negative) PR issue handled by the company, evaluating the effectiveness of the approach, the ethical and political considerations, and how the strategy aligns with the company’s overall values and vision25
Content and Rules At least three source links total (formal MLA/APA citation not required, but links should be provided)Proper editing, spelling, grammar, and sentence/paragraph structureAccuracy and consistency of word countThorough, credible research throughoutGeneral flow and quality25

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