Node Equations Experiment No. 3


The assignments will be in the form of videos that you watch then answer questions referencing the video and/or your book.

The questions must be included above your answers, in other words do not submit a document with just your answers on it.

For problems, all work must be shown and answered to correct sig figs and rounding, units need to be include where applicable.

Please use full sentences when answering questions.2 attachmentsSlide 1 of 2


When I am writing quizzes I make an excel workbook so that I can use different versions of the same problem. In the above image, the values in black are the ones I entered in, the ones in red have formulas/functions in them. This allows me to change just 1 variable (in this case it was the molarity of the CaCl2) and have the rest (the ones in red) change accordingly. It is a valuable tool to be able to make computers do the work for you. For this week’s extra credit, I would like you to make a template like the one above using my values and terms in black above but filling in the formulas/functions for the cells in red. Don’t hesitate to ask for direction if needed. You do not have to use excel, you can use other spreadsheet applications. Video Assignment: Sections 12.9 – 12.15 Using these videos and/or your book, answer

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