The Final Project includes the following four components:

  1. Market Research and Mission Statement (about 2-3 pages): You’ll conduct a “market research” to show the demand/need of your programs/services and the supply/competition in the field. If your organization aims at addressing some social issue(s), you will conduct research to show the severity of the social issue (i.e. how many people are affected), the causes of the issue, the potential negative impact of the issue, and other organizations that work on similar cause(s). You will name your nonprofit organization and make sure the name is not already used by some other organization (note: you need to search the name in the federal trademark registry (Links to an external site.) and Arizona corporation registry (Links to an external site.)). You will also provide the mission statement of the organization.
  2. Program Design (about 3-4 pages): This part shows the details of the program(s)/service(s) that your organization plans to offer to address certain social issue(s), including (but not limited to) the target population, the service location, the components of various programs/services, human resource arrangement, and so on.
  3. Funding Strategy (about 3-4 pages): This part addresses how your organization plans to fund its operation in both short term and long term. Examples of the funding strategy include whether the organization plans to focus on fees/charges, private donations, government grants, or a mix; the potential funders; whether to use direct mail, advertisement, or web-based fundraising, or a mix.
  4. Presentation during class (at least 3 slides): Eight-minute presentation followed by 3 minutes of Q&A; Students will be randomly assigned to present in one of the designated sessions (see syllabus). Students must prepare a presentation with at least three slides: (i) market research and mission statement, (ii) program design, and (iii) funding strategy. The presentation needs to be submitted on Canvas at least one hour before class. 

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