WRITE: 200-Word RESPONSE: Imagine you are a civil rights activist in the United States or an anti-colonial activist in the Caribbean, Ghana or South Africa in the 1960s. Which strategy of protest would you use: Non-violence (aka “civil disobedience), armed self-defense or guerrilla warfare (bombing government buildings and/ or aggressively attacking racist organizations such as the Klu Klux Klan)? Explain why. In your explanation, please reference at least TWO civil rights activists or freedom fighters who used your preferred method of political protest. 


You may exceed the word count in the guideline below; however, if you choose to exceed the word count you must be sure that you are adding meaningful, concisely written insights.

 Ten-Point Discussion POST Rubric

Up to 5 points for original thought / contribution (Word Count 200; perspective not previously posted)

Up to 5 points for development of thought ( full explanation, reference specific quotes in reading, pose a new question)

Ten-Point Discussion RESPONSE Rubric

Up to 5 points for responding to posting of others, which includes timeliness of response, response includes 100 words, response fully engages with previous post by providing specific details about why you agree OR disagree with previous post

Up to 5 points for response that includes another, original idea and a question