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Note This is a build-up on the Dissertation Tile “The Evolution and Impacts of Cryptocurrency in Global Financial Market, Corporate World, and Global Economy.” Assignment 1 Topic: Introduction to Research Methodology and Design Required Instructions Checklist: ☐ Provide a brief discussion of the methodology and design to include a description of the data collection procedure and analysis. Do not include specific details regarding why the methodology and design were selected over others. More detailed information will be included in Chapter 3. ☐ Cite the seminal works related to the selected methodology and design. ☐ Indicate why the selected research methodology and design are the best choices for the study by explaining how they align with the problem and purpose statements as well as the research questions. Do not simply list and describe various research methodologies and designs. ☐ There are no personal opinions in the dissertation. All work must come from cited sources. ☐ Devote approximately one to two pages to this section. Note 1: Please review and adhere to the two Rubrics attached as well. Note 2: There are no personal opinions in the dissertation. All work must come from cited sources. Note 3: Since we drafted some portions of the Methodology and Design in the attached Final Feedback for CMP-9701B, please review and address the comments whiles also adhering to the required instructions. Note 4: Use peer-reviewed articles, books, and other resources published within the past 5 years. Note 5: Include more in-text citations in paragraphs with corresponding references. Note 6: Please write the paper in active voice only. Note 7: Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. 1 Method and Design The problem is that the increased adoption of cryptocurrencies has had adverse impacts such as scalability, price volatility, and regulations on the financial sector and the global economy. There is a need to evaluate how the adoption of cryptocurrencies affects the financial industry, corporate world, and the global market. The purpose of this qualitative study is to evaluate the evolution and impact of cryptocurrency on the global financial industry or market, the corporate world, and the global economy. The study will be exploring two research questions. The first question will examine how cryptocurrency impacts the financial industry and the global economy. The second question aims at recognizing changes in the financial/stock as the popularity of cryptocurrencies rises. These questions have been structured well to display qualitative method and case study/explorative design instead of descriptive design. The question will be structured in a way with minimal generalizations of the ideas to ensure that the findings and conclusion of the study are not released prematurely. Creswell and Poth (2016) show that

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