Hi, I need help with essay on Nuclear. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!What followed was a struggle with the nuclear energy dichotomy and appreciating the drawbacks and benefits associated with this type of energy. What still remains a puzzle is whether nuclear energy has more benefits to mankind compared to its disadvantages. This research paper will focus on the benefits, drawbacks and safety use of nuclear energy.The process of generating nuclear energy is believed to be the cleanest of all processes causing the least impact on the environment. This follows the fact that the nuclear plants do not emit harmful gases like nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide to the environment. This makes nuclear energy emission free energy that does not affect water, air and land resources. Nuclear energy is used in radiation and isotopes techniques mostly in agriculture. Nuclear energy is also used in human health for the treatment of cancer by radiotherapy application. Gamma emissions on the other hand are applied in the sterilization of supplies in medicine such as bandages, cotton and gloves used for burn dressing and surgery. Radioisotopes are actively used in the tracing of pollutants that are found in air as they easily trace the residue thus ensuring safe and healthy environment. The process of decaying of the radioisotopes leads to the emission of large amounts of energy that can be applied in controlling the heart pacemaker (Rutherford 67)Nuclear weapons have also been observed to use minimum fuel as it makes use of small amounts of uranium which exist in high reserves on the earth surface and will be available for more than 100 years to come.Nuclear energy can be used in the proliferation and production of nuclear weapons and such weapons have been used by super powers to dictate, cause tension and cause massive destructions and killings in different countries.The waste that comes from