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Use the Chapter 3 document provided and develop an outline for your Chapter 3. Write the 1st paragraph for this document where you state your objectives and the research questions that will be addressed with the Research Design in Chapter 3.

Note: you may not fully have developed Chapter 3 yet, but its important to understand what you have developed, so your instructor can assist you in areas needing guidance. Keep working on chapter 3, identifying issues, adding more research, etc., Even in weeks that do not specifically do not mention it, keep working on your chapter 3.

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Need 4 pages without header and references

 SQL Modification and Analysis Framework

Problem Description

There is need to develop tools that would be used to achieve faster response from SQL databases. These tools should be easily integrated in existing IT infrastructures. A key integration point is network proxy which has to understand the database protocal used to link up a database client and a database server. The responsibility of the proxy is to analyze traffic between client and the server. The proxy then provides database modification after handshake has occurred. There is need to revise this proxy to support multiple protocols other than the oracle database protocol. This would ensure that oracle extends the base of its customer

Goal and Contribution

There is need to revise the current proxy structure and improve its adaptability to other database protocols. We also are looking at the posibility of adding modification of SQL statements by the proxy in network traffic.

Chapter 2 Background and Related work

The core point of this paper is concerned about is to be able to develop a proxy that would easily integrate with other database systems. It is hence paramount to have good knowledge about network server, networks traffic, SQL, database protocols, and  database drivers .

Network Proxy Server

We need the capability to monitor, analyze and modify SQL statements between the database server and client. Currently the network  proxy server is used to serve that purpose.  The proxy server is used to evaluate database client requests depending on the rules set into it. It could also be used to modify response from the database server.

Network traffic

The network proxy will need to deal with network traffic generated between the client and the server.

We could use sniffers to analyze this traffic . We will use the traffic as the source of sql statements and the results generated from it.


We will need basic SQL knowledge in order to be able to modify the SQL statements.  Hence we will try focus on what SQL is and what its . We use SQL as the standard for communicating with relational databases. It is a language with a set of defined commands used to manipulate the database.  To put this into perspective we are going to look into SQL process and define its commands. We will be interested in what they do and how they operate. We will be aiming to understand their effects on our database. We will also try to understand how we could use our proxy server to modify these commands.

Database Protocols

We will then look into database protocols, we will try define its principles and analyze packets and their flow in and out of the system. Our main aim is to ensure that our framework will have the ability to easily fuse with the many existing database protocols.

We will look into  Transparent Network Substrate (TNS) which is a database protocol used by oracle to provide generic network connectivity. We will analyze the TNS packet structure and its header. We will then analyze its overall flow.

Further we will look into database drivers. The paper will focus on its structure and how it communicates with the database server.

The paper will also look  into database security.

Chapter 3 Concept

In this chapter the paper will be concerned about concepts of the thesis work. The paper will look at packet assembly and disassembly We will then look at the modification concept. Which will focus how to accelerate databases by modifying SQL commands.

 The Framework

The paper will evaluate the following database protocols

  • TNS,
  • TDS
  •  DRDA

This will be key in the process of developing a plugin to be used between the database and the user code. The plugin will be key in the process of packet assembling and disassembling. We will ned to perform packet assembling and disassembling in this layer in order to enable us modify SQL commands

Packet Assembling and Disassembling

Protocols have different rules on how to build their own packets. The protocols will need to first assemble the packet before being able to analyze and modify its commands. After assembling the packets. It will then analyze and modify the commands before being able to reassemble the packets and forward them to the server.

The main aim of modifying the commands is to achieve accelerated processing at the server. We aim to optimize the packets so that the server can easily execute them and give the intended results.

SQL Timing Analysis

To estimate the cost of each command we will perform a timing analysis. We need to try te alternative option for a command that offers a cheaper cost to execute. This alternative command should be able to give the same result.

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