I will pay for the following essay Observation and survey of 5 resturants. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.The restaurants are inclusive of. Firehouse Restaurant, La Madeleine, Panera Bread, Maggiano’s Little Italy as well as the Tavern at Phipps et cetera. These restaurants exhibit different trends in the manner of their operations as discussed below:Each restaurant basically focuses on a special menu to different customers. the menus may be offered on a daily basis while others may be provided upon a customer’s request. For instance: The Firehouse restaurant menu, exhibits a seasonal feature although it frequently rotates. the main menu comprises a mixture of contemporary dishes and homely styles such as parsley and nutmeg. It also offers extensive collection of wine and specialized cuisines that are prepared in a unique way. The organization of the menu is also in a manner that ensures that customers are provided with a variety of option in a language that can be easily understood. In the La Madeleine Restaurant, the menu exhibits an excellent presentation and comprises a mixture of French and American Tastes. Located in Atlanta, it also offers a relaxing atmosphere to the customers. The menus are complete as they provide a variety of bakery products and are written in English for better comprehension among the customers.Additionally, the provision of special menus is also exhibited in the Panera Bread Restaurant which offers specially baked cakes such as the Panini and the New Roasted Turkey. At Panera Bread Restaurant, the menus offered also features reasonable pricing and complete offers that are updated year round. Maggiano’s Little Italy also offers specialized Italian dishes with a combination of American-Italian Flavor. non-alcoholic beverages are also offered to their customers. The menu is also presented in manner that offers a family styled lunch as well as dinners featured by three various options to be served on each table. This trend extends to the Tavern at Phipps restaurant which offers Low Country

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