Write a 3 page essay on Obstacles to Cancer Vaccine.There are high demands for the cancer vaccines as only a handful of the producers of such vaccines exist all across the globe while there are so many affected persons.Geography is too an important factor as there are demands for cancer vaccines from almost all parts of the world but such vaccines are produced only in few nations that involves high degree of import cost.Few of the pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies developing cancer vaccine are as follows:Acambis plc, Avant Immunotherapeutics , Baxter Healthcare ,Berna Biotech AG , Medimmune, Merck & Co. Inc, Nabi Biopharmaceuticals, Pharmexa ,Sanofi Pasteur ,Vical ,Wyeth, Bavarian Nordic A/S, GlaxoSmithKline, AlphaVax Inc., Emergent Biosolutions, Pfizer, Novartis and BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc (Kalorama Information, “Vaccines: The World Market”).Few of the prime obstructions to enter the market of cancer vaccines include the problems of compensation, cost, education, price, competition and moral values that are concerned in manufacturing an oncology product. Government cost repression measures and panic of the effectiveness of the vaccines are few of the other hindrances in the growth of market of cancer vaccines (Findlay, “Cancer vaccine – A giant leap in cancer treatment”).Incentives are often related with the vaccine producing nation and as the research and development related to the cancer vaccines are too expensive and often calls for government interventions in the form of subsidies, therefore the incentives often depend upon such subsidies.