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Paper #2 Please answer one (and only one!) of the following three questions. 1) Write a dialogue (a play) between Cicero’s merchant and Albert Carr. (Name the merchant.) Imagine that Albert Carr sidles up to the merchant just when he needs to decide what to do—say, just before or just after landing at Rhodes. Remember that Cicero describes the merchant as “a virtuous, upright man…who would not conceal the facts from the Rhodians if he thought that it was immoral to do so, but who might be in doubt whether such silence would really be immoral.” Have Carr make his argument to the merchant; make your merchant skeptical of Carr’s argument, but open to listening. (Your merchant is familiar with Immanuel Kant’s moral philosophy, according to which lying is never permissible, whatever the circumstances. Have your merchant discuss Kant.)

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