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FINAL ASSIGNMENT – OCEANOGRAPHY FALL 2021 Create a Word document that contains 1 page for each of the following topics: 1. Oysters a. Description of the Eastern Oyster and its life history (how it reproduces and its life cycle) b. Information about the Chesapeake Bay oyster industry. c. What is a triploid oyster and why is it important? d. What is the connection of the triploid oyster to Virgnia? e. Overview of oyster farming in the Bay. 2. Blue crabs a. Description of the Blue Crab and its life history (reproduction, growth, life cycle) b. Information about the Chesapeake Bay blue crab industry c. Problems related to the Chesapeake Bay blue crab fishery d. How is Tangier Island important to the blue crab fishery and what problems is it facing? 3. Your choice of one MARINE organism! a. The name of your organism, both scientific (genus an

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