Film Critique Assignment – Film Critique 1 – Theme – ALOTO

Students will submit two, 2-4page typewritten film critiques during the semester. Critique will be focused on two of the full-length feature film screened in class.  Each critique will have particular requirements (see below) based both on the content of the film as well as class readings and discussion. Critiques will include a minimum of 2 academic sources and 1 popular source.

Theme Essay #1- A League of Their Own (10%)

Title Page

Title page should include:

  1. Running Head (left justified, upper case letters, paper title)
  2. Title of Paper (be specific here!)
  3. Author Name
  4. University
  5. Class Name & Section if applicable
  6. Professor
  7. Date (e.g. 4 January 2007)
  8. Pg #s in upper right hand corner
  9. Upper left corner TITLE (upper case) – this is a running head
  10. Except for running head and pg numbers, everything else on title page is centered and double spaced
  11. 12 pt. Font only, Times New Roman, 1” inch margins, indent paras .5 tab
  12. Introduction (1-2 paras)
  • Optional – cite an interesting quote to frame the discussion
  • Topic sentence
  • Statement of purpose (what you will write about and discuss do in the paper)
  • Goals of paper
  • Basic film info
  • State characters and theme

Background (1-2 paras)

  • History around baseball
  • The time period of the film
  • Larger social issues of the time
  • Development of baseball subculture
  • Cite Refs

Themes (4-6 paras total)

Theme #1: Lack of Visibility/Coverage of Women’s Sports (1-2 paras)

  • identify the main theme of each paragraph
  • cite academic research
  • cite EG from the film

Theme #2: Sexualization of Female Athletes (1-2 paras)

  • identify the main theme of each paragraph
  • cite academic research
  • cite EG from the film

Theme #3: Lack of Respect for Female Athletic Abilities (1-2 paras)

  • identify the main theme of each paragraph
  • cite academic research
  • cite EG from the film

Conclusion (1-2 paras)

  • Summarize the main content of paper
  • Wrap up main themes of paper
  • Reference any additional journal materials
  • Current state of baseball subculture
  • Final thoughts and looking forward, larger social importance

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Writing about Theme What is a theme? According to A Handbook to Literature, a theme is “the central or dominating idea in a literary work” (Holman 443). Sylvan Barnet defines theme as the “underlying idea of a work.” However, these definitions proved somewhat inadequate. It’s true that a theme is an idea that underlies the story, but any work can be about more than one thing, so any can have more than one theme. Therefore, writing about theme is simply identifying what the film is about. The supporting paragraphs for this type of essay will discuss how the details of the film help create this theme. In some ways, because most writing about film, whatever the approach, leads to a discussion of the underlying ideas of the film, all film analysis is in some way writing about theme. A film critique is somewhat different from a review. A critique

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