Question Description

This is 600-700 words paper. The topic is child sexual exploitation online. Which means you only need to force on internet organised child sexual exploitation. The file is a resource of internet organised crime which include child sexual exploitation online. You must use this file as one of references. Please read that part. You should also use other references. Here is the structure. You only need include three parts. First : Literature Review/Background This may include definition of key terms or concepts, discussion of relevant law, policy or practices, including providing a summary of relevant primary sources (e.g. legislation, court judgments and government policy documents) and secondary sources (e.g. academic articles). It may be that your research topic will not require any summary of primary sources and will rely entirely on secondary sources. Second one is Identification of Problems and Issues : The use of subheadings may help to explain specific issues and problems. Third one: This part will require you to argue in a logical manner using the methodology that you have adopted to answer the research question. You do n’t need to include other parts like: cover page, summary. Just is three parts. And be academic. Thank you.

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