Application Requirements

You will implement a Java Web application that will allow a user to create, read, update, and delete records in product and customer tables of the store database for an online store. The schema provided earlier in the course must be used. 

Your application must run in a Web page and connect to a MySQL database backend. You may reuse some of the code developed in the earlier tasks. 

You have had opportunity to examine a variety of technologies in the previous weeks, including Web services, JSF, hibernate, networking, and multithreading. You will determine which technologies to use to build your application, but you must use Java EE technologies such as JDBC, JSP, EJBs, Servlets, JSF, or XML. 

Your application must demonstrate advanced level Java programming skills and be well commented. The application should be user-friendly, and the interface should be professional in appearance.

Design Document Requirements

Complete your design document. You must explain which Java EE technologies you have used and the reasons for your choices. Explain how these technologies achieved data persistence. Include some of the Java EE technologies that you considered but did not incorporate. Share your reasons why they were not used. 

Provide a description of the system architecture including diagrams of all components and tiers including presentation, application, business logic, data access, and data storage. Diagrams should be drawn using UML notation. 

You must include a Future Development Plan section in your design document that explains how you could modify your application so that the sever side is multithreaded and can handle multiple requests from different clients running the Web application. You will also include a reflection upon the following topics:

  • Explain how web services are used in the real world. Provide at least 3 real world examples.
  • What are the benefits of web services?
  • How would you troubleshoot and test a web service? Would you use a debugger? Why or why not?
  • Do you think that your client/server application could be enhanced to consume a web service or be used as a web service? Why or why not?
  • Discuss the Java EE technologies you used and the reasons for your choice. Explain how these technologies achieved data persistence.

Test Plan Requirements

Assemble your test plan and test cases with results.

Users Manual Requirements:

Provide a user’s manual that explains how to start and use your application. If your instructor cannot run your application, you will not receive credit for this assignment. Do not deviate from the schema provided earlier in the course for the product and customer tables. A SQL script file must be provided to build the store database. Include any MySQL username and password required to run your application.

Please submit your assignment.

Build a web site using Java EE facilities including a practical database, web server, and application server.

Demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in server-side Java through the use of Java EE and associated resources.

Demonstrate the use of networking and multi-threaded server applications.

Describe the role of debugging in building a web server and an application server.

Specify the programming requirements, develop test cases, and develop a simple application with appropriate business logic that uses client-side and servers-side resources.

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