9 pages minimum.

This is the second paper to complete this subject to 20 pages total.

Topic is to be Is it feasible to open up a Custom Jewelry Shop in the United States.

To be able to research this subject, the paper should start with information regarding the Custom Jewelry Industry in the United States. Then It should explain if it is a good idea to invest in this industry or not.

In your conclusion, you should give ideas for further research on this topic in the future.

Write an abstract of your research project, which will be placed in on the paper after the title page. This should be single-spaced and double indented and centered on the page vertically.

Write a Conclusion. It should “emphasize the significance of your research”

(Booth el al., 220-40). Include some suggestions or policy recommendations. How can you or others expand upon your work? When you propose some suggestions or policy recommendations, you may want to address the following points:

* It is feasible; it can be implemented in a reasonable time.

* It will cost less to implement than the cost of the problem it solves.

* It will not create a bigger problem than the one it solves.

Research paper will be approximately 20 pages, including references; 12-point font; double-spaced; 1” margins on all sides.

Images, charts, maps, graphs, etc. should be placed in appendices (these should be in addition to the 18-20 written pages).

Paper must have a cover page with the following: title of research;, student name; and submission date.

Paper must have a finalized bibliography in proper MLA or APA format.

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