The population of Northampton has continued to increase in the recent years. This presents an opportunity for consumer markets in the town. This coupled with the recent campaign awareness on the importance of dietary fiber presents an opportunity for establishment of a business in the town in order to tap the existing opportunities (Whitehurst, 2015). As such, establishment of a bread shop in the town will go a long way in ensuring that the market is well served with the necessary nutrients recommended by health professionals. However the bread industry and the baking industry at large have slumped in the recent years as a result of more emphasis being placed on healthy feeding. For example, research shows that purchases of white bread have dropped 75% since the year 1970, while those of dark colored and wholemeal bread have ascended by 85% (Magnan, 2014). Skimmed drain (alluding both to skimmed and semi-skimmed) surpassed entire fat drain in the 1990s and British family units now drink fourfold the amount.

            The information above clearly reflects the general wellbeing exhortation issued over the period. Changing to skimmed drain was intensely advanced in the late 1990s as a major aspect of attention on heart wellbeing and cholesterol levels (Bolhuis et al., 2016). This however has changed in recent years where people have embraced the importance of fiber in their diet.

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