I have already wrote most of stuff which I wanna write in this paper, including some examples and my perspectives and also more than 2 concepts from the readings which professor requires. But the thing is:
1: I think I wrote a little bit separately, the requirement is to write one kind of oppression and write the paper around this oppression, but my draft didn’t write a specific oppression which is the center of the paper.
2: There might some grammatical errors and so force.

Please adjust my draft and add something new and create a new draft which fulfills all requirements of the assignment.

Here’s the requirements for the assignment:

This paper will first name and explain an example of oppression. You will also name your intersectional perspective (the merging of at least two of your identities) and explain how that perspective helps you analyze the example of oppression. Finally, you will offer up and advocate for a feasible and specific change strategy to the example of oppression. The change strategy can be either micro or macro in influence and could reflect personal, community, or institutional change. In addition, you are required to use two (2) in class readings from two different disciplinary backgrounds to support your ideas. You cannot simply reference the readings or quote from them. You must demonstrate that you read the essays, understood them, and used them to help support your thesis.

3 points – Paper meets the requirements and has a compelling title
3 points – Paper is concise, free of typos, misspellings and grammatical errors, has a clear thesis and a strong introduction and conclusion.
3 points – Paper names and explains a social justice/equality topic and offers a change strategy
3 points – Paper fully integrates two readings
3 points – Paper employs intersectionality correctly and demonstrates a thorough understanding of all course concepts to date.

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