Compose a 7750 words essay on Optimization of Pore Pressure Prediction for Effective Well Planning. Needs to be plagiarism free!The outcome of this research to reduce the deficiency of knowledge which has been correlated to the well planning and well drilling endeavors which have been previously completed. The latest technologies will be applied in regards to methods and paradigms of the forecasting of the fracture gradient and the forecasting of the pore pressure. The most effective practices in the estimation of pore pressures from the seismic velocity information will be applied. The most effective methods which are used in the industry with regards to the approximation of the formation pressure will be explored.&nbsp. A great deal of the information which is collected in the discipline of well planning is derived from the well production crews. This thesis will incorporate a data base of information in addition to the information which is derived from a survey of the well production crews in order to validate the hypothesis. The well production crews are the initial source of information from which the conditions of the wells are derived. This thesis will also incorporate a database of information which is pressure directed from a diverse number of wells with different characteristics. These wells are found in deep water, offshore, swampland and the Niger Delta environment. The data which is collected from the oil well production crews will be applied in order to ascertain the best practices for effective well drilling and maintenance.

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