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Oral lesions pathology

  1. CREATE a Pinterest Board. Pinterest is free. You can add a board to your personal account or quickly make a new account just for this course.
    Create a Pinterest account.
  2. NAME your boardĀ “DH: Oral Pathology”
  3. ADD 10 PINS representing any oral pathology/lesions
    • One picture per oral pathology/lesion (1) pin/item
    • Choose your own lesions.
      Some categories to consider include:
      • Salivary Gland Lesions: mucocele, ranula, salivary stones, etc.
      • Ulcerative Lesions: herpes lesions (I & II), syphilis, etc
      • Tongue Lesions: geographic tongue, hairy tongue, ankyloglossia, etc.
      • Pigmented Lesions: physiological pigmentation, oral freckles, amalgam tattoo, Fordyce’s granules, etc
      • Cancerous Lesions/Smoking Associated Lesions: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, etc
    • These are BY NO MEANS THE ONLY oral lesions/pathology available to you. I want you to get creative and explore your textbook and articles to share more!!
  4. EDIT each pinned image in the “note” section.
  5. INCLUDE in each PIN (4 elements)
    • Name of the lesion or oral pathology in the picture
    • Cause. What is the cause of the lesion/oral pathology?
    • Describe the defining characteristics/symptoms of the lesion or oral pathology shown. What are the main characteristics that denote or identify the oral pathology or lesion shown?
    • List ANY patient recommendations for this lesion. What, if any, are the treatment recommendations for your patient? If there are no recommendations, write “no recommendations for the patient”.
  6. SUBMIT the URL of your Pinterest board using the “reply” button below.
    This way the class can explore your wonderful ideas and integrate them into their boards! Sharing is a great way to expand our experiences, ideas, and understanding!
  7. If you have questions, please turn to theĀ Class Q&A Board.

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