Other’s post: At the beginning of reading the book, Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson, I was having a hard time understanding the story. In chapter 1, I got confused because of how the religious story and the “real-life” story keep hopping back and forth. I was wondering if the story that was told had a special meaning behind them or not. When I started reading the beginning of chapter 2, I also did some more research about her for the letter assignment. For some reason, after learning more about the author I was able to connect her with the story which made it easier for me to understand. I start to see why the story was written that way. Jeanette’s relationship with her mother is something that caught my attention throughout the story because her mom seems so controlling. I wonder how Jeanette and her dad feel about getting controlled so religiously. From what I read in chapter one Jeanette and her father don’t seem as religious as her mom.

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