Hi i need help with last row, i did 1st and 2nd option but can’t seem to find the result for above 5000 can you please help. please see the whole question A company purchases Olive oil according to this price schedule :”For the first 1000 Litres , $6.50 per Litre*For any of the next 4000 Litres $6 . 20 per Litre*For any oil beyond 5 , 000 Litres , $6 .05 per Litre*The purchase estimate spreadsheet calculates the total price of buying * Litres of oil , where x is anumber entered into a cell ( Order_ Qty ) on the worksheet .The model should handle all three Order_ Qty tiers as per the examples below .1. Recreate the model using the price schedule above .2. Construct IF formulas to handle the three-tier pricing structure for any Order_ Qty entered .Example1 : Tier 37Purchase Estimates :”Order Qty :`Purchase Price schedule :7, 5004First 1000 Litres at7.201 , 0005Next 4000 Litres at5. 304, 0009Above 5000 Litres at55.502, 50.07Total Price “$45, 150

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