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10:23 51 of 55 4. Heat the solution until 20 ml of distillate is collected. YOU MUST MAKE SURE THAT THE HEAD TEMPERATURE ON THE THERMOMETER REMAINS BELOW 95°C. Lower the heating mantle if necessary. If you begin to see white fumes from SO2, stop the distillation and proceed with what you have. 5. Cyclohexene and water are distilled at an azeotrope but the are not miscible. This means you will have two phases in the graduated cylinder. Pour both phases into a 125 ml separatory funnel. 6. Wash the distillate with 10 ml of distilled water. Discard the aqueous phase. (Be careful!) 7. Wash the organic phase with 10 ml of 10% sodium carbonate. Discard the aqueous phase. 8. Wash the organic phase with 20 ml of distilled water. Discard the aqueous phase. 9. Decant the organic phase into a small Erlenmeyer flask containing a small amount of anhydrous

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