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Orbitals and Structure. (1) Consider this compound (“ketene”). H C 2 1 C O H (a) For each bond in the structure above, indicate whether it is  or  and describe the component atomic orbitals. [Example of format: (Sisp2d – Li2s), which would denote a  bond between an sp2d hybrid on Si and a 2s orbital on Li.] In multiple bonds, indicate  and  bonds separately. [10 pts] (Hint: Remember that lone pairs affect bonding and geometry.) (b) What is the geometry at carbon 1? [4 pts] (c) What is the geometry at carbon 2? [4 pts] Names. (2) Name each compound shown, by the method specified. (a) Systematically. CH3 C CH2 H2C CH2 H3C CH3 CH2 CH2 H C CH3 C CH2CH3 H CH2 H3C (b) Quasi-systematically (common names of alkyl groups may be used). [c] Systematically: Br CH Br2HC CH2 CHCH3 Br [d] Systematically: Br Cl [e] Systematically: CH3CH2F [f]

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