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8. Two oligo-deoxynucleotides, 5′-ACCACGTAACGGA-3′ and 5′-GTTAC-3′, plus DNA polymerase are added to a reaction mixture containing the appropriate buffer plus radiolabelled dATP, DTTP, STP, and done. The radiolabelled bases incorporated into the product of such a reaction would have which of the following base compositions? A. 3C:2A B. 16:11 C. 3G: 2T D. 3G:3T: 2c E. 57:46:3C: 1A 9. A – 27% G-30% T = 21 C = 228 If the genome of a newly isolated virus displays the base composition above, the virus most likely consists of A. single-stranded DNA B. double-stranded DNA single-stranded RNA D. double-stranded RNA E. a double-stranded RNA: DNA heteroduplex For protein synthesis, an amino acid needs to be attached by its group to the of the tRNA molecule. A. amino; phosphoryl group on the 5′-end B. carboxyl; phosphoryl group on the 3′-end c. carboxyl; hydroxyl group on the 5′-end D. carboxyl: hydroxyl group on the 3′-end E. amino; base on the 5’end 10.

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