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1. Suggest a reasonable mechanism for this transformation. You may use HA/A- to abbreviate benzoic acid/benzoate ion in your scheme. 2. Draw a mechanism to show how geranyl geranyl pyrrophosphate undergoes cyclization to -pinene. • The double bond stereochemistry is indicated as E and Z. • Pyrrophosphate ion (-OPP) is a great leaving group which generates the neryl cation (an allyl system). • • It may be helpful to mark or number the carbon atoms in the open chain to see where bond connections are made to close rings. Also it would be insightful to redraw the neryl cation in a conformation that looks almost like a six membered ring about to close. 3. Draw a mechanism to show how the acetate group is substituted by phenol. Did you notice the starting material is acylated glucose in its cyclized form? (Why is only this particular acetate

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