A#03: Change Communications Case Study

Instructions:  Read the article, “Using social media to drive change at General Motors – diginomica.pdf

” by Jessica Twentyman. Use this link to access the article: http://diginomica.com/2014/10/17/using-social-media-drive-change-general-motors/
Discussion Questions: Use these questions to help you analyze the facts and issues from the article without writing the questions into your analysis:

Discuss the change that GM is attempting to drive with social media.
Describe how GM’s social media use to drive change is an application of working the plan. Hint: See Chapter 9: working the plan
Describe GM’s communication plan. Hint: See Chapter 9 for information on the four (4) phases of the communication plan.
Identify the stakeholders and discuss their role and response to how change is being driven by social media at GM. Hint: Use Chapter 6 information on stakeholder analysis as a resource for this question.
What was the response to change as in acceptance or negative reaction to change? Hint: Use Chapter 7 information on the leader’s response to acceptance or negative reaction to change including the reasons for negative reactions to change.
How could GM encourage employees to be more open to change? Hint: See Chapter 7 concepts and strategies on openness to change.
Discuss the change agents in GM’s social media change communications strategy and why change agents should be mindful of leading and lagging indicators to measure the effectiveness of the GM change initiative. Hint: See Chapter 10 information on leading and lagging indicators as measures of change initiative effectiveness.
Formatting:  You MUSTUse the AA3310 Case Study Analysis Template attached to this assignment to format your paper.  Use single spacing in the paper and leave blank lines between paragraphs to layout the paper.

Case Study Analysis Sections – You MUST Use the Attached Template

WARNING: Students MUST use the Case Study Analysis Template to complete the assignment. Any assignment that does not use the template will not be graded and the assignment will get a zero – there will be no opportunity to re-do the assignment.

You MUST USE the Case Study Template to set up the Case Study Review Paper Sections

Introduction and Overview
Identification of Main Issues/Problems/Questions
Analysis of Issues/Problems/Questions+Discuss the case questions in context with your problem and issue analysis.
Identify the organization’s change management model or a combination of models as covered in your textbook.
Connection to course and outside readings (In text citations in the paper) – See this resource below:
See the two organizational change sources attached at the top of this assignment:

1.  Organizational Change: The Results of Government Bailout on General Motors

2.  Organizational Change Case Study

NOTE: Use Table of Contents to navigate to sections you can use as reference for the case study analsysis.

Recommendations Solutions/Implementation Strategies 
References – List of course and outside readings references – APA citations and reference list. For APA citation style assistance – see Case Study Resources (course menu) – APA Style Folder. Use RefMe an online and mobile citation generator. RefMe is free and works on your desktop/laptop (PC & Mac), smartphone and tablet using both Android and IOS (Apple) operating systems. Here is the link to sign up for your free account: https://www.refme.com/home#/
Use the Case Study Template to set up your case Study Review paper.

Page Length: 3 pages Total of analysis including references on last page.

Use the grading rubric to organize and set up the sections of your paper.  You can view the grading rubric using the rubric link or view it using MyGrades.

PLEASE take care to check your paper with the rubric for content requirements and use Microsoft Word’s spelling and grammar check feature to help you proof your paper. Proofread your paper by reading it aloud to yourself to help you find those errors that do not show up in using spelling and grammar check features from Microsoft Word.

Save your file with your last name and case study review.

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