• Evaluate organizational behavior and leadership theories and practices to enhance individual and organizational performance.
  • Analyze the impact of individual human behavior on employee engagement.
  • Evaluate leadership practices that support organizational effectiveness.
  • Implement leadership strategies for managing group dynamics.
  • Evaluate the relationship among individuals, teams, and the organization and its impact on organizational performance.
  • Critique the impact of leadership on organizational outcomes.


A national car rental firm has hired you as a senior HR consultant. The CEO is concerned that the organization is losing its competitive position in the industry and wants to determine what internal issues may be contributing to the current decline. Therefore, he has hired your firm to provide an analysis of the internal health of the organization, so that any issues that need to be addressed are identified. You are the consultant assigned to conduct the analysis. The CEO has requested that you create a report, which describes the impact of behavior within the organization with regards to leadership, culture, and employee well-being.


Prepare a report on the analysis of organizational behavior that:

  • Uses organizational behavior theories, concepts, and frameworks to diagnose an organizational issue, such as employee engagement or organizational performance.
  • Explains how individual and team dynamics impact the behavior of the organization.
  • Describes how to align organizational culture to the strategic goals of the firm.
  • Details how to develop effective leadership to guide the organization to strategic goal achievement.
  • Provides attribution for credible sources used in the report.
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