THIS IS THE DIRECTIONS FOR THESE TWO SHORT QUESTIONS PLEASE ANSWER EACH QUESTION COMPLETELY write a minimum of 200 words related to workplace communication. In your post you must support your observations with one direct quote from Chapter 16 1. Describe at least one Organizational Rite or Organizational Ritual found in your place of employment’s culture. Why is that Rite or Ritual important to that workplace? 2. Briefly describe the interview process you went through to obtain your present position (or describe the interview for a past position). If someone were to ask you for advice based on the interview you went through, what would you tell them you learned from the experience that would help in the future? HERE IS THE READINGS FOR THE ASSIGNMENT question #1 FROM MY BOOK AUTHOR KORY FLOYD “WORKPLACES HAVE RITUALS” PERSONAL RITUALS ARE ROUTINE BEHAVIORS THROUGH WHICH INDIVIDUALS CONVEY THEIR WORKPLACE INDENTITY. ON the first day of each fiscal year, a manager might personally greet each arriving employee as a way of communicating her interest in their well -being. Social rituals are recurring events that reinforce personal relationships among workplace members. The custodial staff at a government agency might meet every other Thursday for happy hour, for example, in a ritual that allows them to socialize, share information, and affirm their personal bonds. Task rituals are repeated activities that enhance people’s abilities to do their jobs. For example, when greeting a patient at a clinic, a medical assistant typically performs a series of ritualized tasks, such as asking about symptoms, current medications, and drug allergies and then taking the patient’s vital signs. Many rites and rituals reinforce a workplaces current cultural practice. As a workplace culture evolves, however, its rites and rituals often follow suit. In recent years for instance, the U.S transportation security administration changed its task rituals for screening airline passengers. Those changes include requiring passengers to remove their shoes for X- ray screening and limiting the types and amounts of liquid that passengers can bring aboard an airplane. FOR QUESTION #2 PLEASE PUT THIS DIRECT QUOTE FROM THIS READING INTO ANSWER TOO. Author kory Floyd MY JOB IS A TEACHER ASSISTANT “Few organizations today could operate as they do without communication technology. Email, videoconferencing, text messaging, telephone and fax machines, and workplace websites allow individuals to work together without being together and to communicate with unprecedented efficiency.” (Kory Floyd)

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