1. Introduction and Background – Motivate and abstractly describe the problem you are addressing and how you are addressing it. What is the problem? Why is it important? What is your basic approach? A short discussion of how it ts into related work in the area is also desirable.          Summarizethe basic results and conclusions that you will present.2. Problem Definition and Algorithm(a) Problem Definition – Precisely define the problem you are addressing.(b) Algorithm Definition – Describe the algorithm(s) you are using to address this problem. A flow diagram or pseudo-code description ofthe algorithm you are using may be useful. Trace through a concrete example, showing how your algorithm processes this example. Theexample should be complex enough to illustrate all of the important aspects of the process but simple enough to be easily understood byone of your peers.3. Results and Experimental Evaluation(a) Methodology – What criteria are you using to evaluate your method?What specific hypotheses does your experiment test? Describe the experimental methodology that you used. What are the dependentand independent variables? What is the training/test data that was used, and why is it realistic or interesting? Exactly what performancedata did you collect and how are you presenting and analyzing it? Comparisons to competing methods that address the same problemmay be particularly useful.(b) Results – Present the quantitative results of your experiments. Graphfical data presentation such as graphs and histograms are frequentlyuseful in conveying such information. Tables are also helpful in summarizing results. What are the basic differences revealed in the data?Are they statistically significant?(c) Discussion – Did your approach work? Is your hypothesis supported? What conclusions do the results support about the strengths andweaknesses of your method compared to other methods? How can the results be explained in terms of the underlying properties of theapproach and/or the data.4. Future Work – What additional work would you pursue if you had additional time? Were there shortcomings in your current method? Foreach shortcoming, propose additions or enhancements that would help overcome it.5. Conclusions  Briefly summarize the important results and conclusions discovered in your research. What are the most important points illus-trated by your work? How will your results improve future research and applications in the area?

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