You are required to upload one (1) *.cpp file. It must have the name format of: lab2_3696660.cpp

The Autotester environment will have the ousb.exe file correctly setup. To develop your solution please make sure you place a copy of the ousb.exe file in the same directory as the *.cpp file.

A list of the types (styles) of inputs used to assess your code appears in the proforma .cpp. All testing is automated and upon successful testing of your code you will receive an email demonstrating the test vectors as well as the output of your code under that particular condition.

if you fail to rename the file lab2_3696660.cpp or if you fail to modify the ‘cout’ statement that is provided within the if (argc == 1) statement in main(). This statement must print out your “3696660,student_email,student_name” if (argc == 1). Double check that your number and email address are correct and valid!!! You wil get 0 mark if not doing this.

NOTE: you should also not comment out the if (argc == 1) statement or code block or modify anything other than the ‘cout’ statement. All code in main() should come after the //— START YOUR CODE HERE. comment in main(). Note that variables declarations can occur before the // — START YOUR CODE HERE comment.

This version of the sample binary (LabTest2_Sample.exe) requires that you have ousb.exe file in the same directory as your project .cpp file. It is specifically designed to operate with the simulator that has been developed for 2020.

To score well in the laboratory test, your code will need to perform in the same manner as the provided sample binary. However, it is a guide only and you need to verify against the full specifications within the proforma. Note that you must submit your source code rather than the binary.

Before emailing questions relating to the laboratory test specification or required output/behaviour. Please check your query against the behaviour of the provided sample binary.

MAKE SURE YOUR CODE COMPILES – code that does not compile is a straight non-negotiable ZERO MARK!! Make sure you are using the latest software

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