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Cultural awareness, biases, and differences are very hard to convey in a lecture or written format. People want to believe that they are fair and open-minded and are often very surprised to discover that they have feelings they were not aware of or that are very different from those of some of their peers in the classroom. The films included here are intended to help us discover our feelings and possible biases.

The first film is a short video where Howard J. Ross, Founder and Chief Learning Officer of Cook Ross Inc., talks about myths and misconceptions about culturally competent care. He includes tips and strategies to use Culture Vision (https://www.crculturevision.com /) to gain an understanding of cultural patterns and improve patient outcomes.

The second film is by BBC documentary-maker Tim Samuels. He wanted to make a film about how badly the elderly are treated in Britain and in the process he formed a band with old people he found living in care homes, in tower blocks, and in bingo halls. * When you select the middle video about the elderly, then select “Watch this video on YouTube”.

The third film is a Grey’s Anatomy clip about a “Hmong” girl needing surgery and her family not allowing one until they call her soul back. A Hmong shaman flies in via helicopter to perform a healing ritual in the hospital.

Watch the following videos and discuss them.

To get you started, you can answer the following questions:

What beliefs or behaviors do you see that are different from your own?

How would you feel if this person were your client, or how would you feel if you worked in this environment?

What questions could you ask to help this person to feel most comfortable in your clinical setting?

Do you think the elderly are mistreated in our society? Our health care system?


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