Collective Bargain An employer and the employee are different people with different wants, and sometimes, conflicts do arise out of diverse interests. Hence, one way to solve such conflicts of interests is to deploy collective negotiations. In its broadest definition, collective negotiations refer to an agreement between an employer and employees that clarifies the terms […]

Comprehensive Healthcare Finance Fraud, Abuse & Compliance Program

Compliance is a comprehensive program that helps institutions and their employees conduct operations and activities ethically; with the highest level of integrity, and in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. To have an effective compliance program, an organization must establish and maintain an organizational culture that “encourages ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance with […]

Role of Financial Managers

  Financial managers are tasked with making two key decisions in business –investment decisions and financing decisions. Basically, investment decisions are based on the fact that an individual or business has to evaluate the viability of a business idea before investing their money. A finance manager should evaluate the riskiness and the profitability of every […]