1. Which of these artists is known for painting geometric compositions which incorporate primary colors?
A. De Stijl
B. Georgia O’Keeffe
C. Piet Mondrian
D. Gerrit Rietveldt

2. With Tim Hawkinson’s √úberorgan, a football field size work of art, one can say that it’s
A. a huge sculpture that achieves the artist’s vision.
B. “sound” art.
C. installation art controlled by a computer.
D. artwork that can’t be categorized.

3. Lucas Samaras used _______ to create his work “Phantasmata.”
A. oil paint
B. malleable Polaroid film
C. everyday household objects
D. blood and kaolin clay

4. Which Earth Artist used lightning as part of his or her piece?
A. Christo
B. Walter De Maria
C. Jeanne-Claude
D. Richard Estes

5. Which of the following artists invented collage?
A. Willem de Kooning
B. Piet Mondrian
C. Jackson Pollock
D. Pablo Picasso

6. Giuseppe Penone’s Cedre de Versailles reveals
A. African-American ritual objects.
B. the original slender tree from which a great cedar had grown.
C. a landscape from the distant past.
D. shredded body parts.

7. Which of the following statements is an accurate description of Pop Art?
A. Art created by artists who believe that no kind of subject matter is more important than any other and who attempt to all but
eliminate personal involvement.
B. Painting and sculpture that is self-sufficient and has no subject mater, content, or meaning beyond its presence as an object in
C. Art that combines the potent psychological content of Expressionism with an abandonment of any clear reference to the visual
D. Art created by artists who are interested in rediscovering the past, not rejecting it, and who aim to speak in clearer images
and see history as a vast menu from which to select.

8. Superrealism is also known as
A. trompe l’oeil.
B. illusionism.
C. forced perspective.
D. photorealism.

9. Which of the following political leaders closed the Bauhaus?
A. Winston Churchill
B. Franklin Roosevelt
C. Adolph Hitler
D. Joseph Kennedy

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