Pandemic Business Law Worksheet


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This document contains Frequently-Asked-Questions about the CLW Incourse 1- Must I include case law in my answer? Yes, there must be at least ONE case in each answer. Cases are useful to illustrate how the law is applied. 2- Where may I find cases? For UK cases, try For Malaysian cases & law articles, try (accessible via APU Library e-database) 3- Am I required to do a Table of Content for the Incourse? No, a Table of Content is not required 4- To reduce the wordcount, may I use “CA2016” instead of “Companies Act 2016”? Yes you may, however remember to mention it at the beginning of your answer >> for example >> Answers will be based on the Malaysian Companies Act 2016 (hereafter “CA2016”) 5- How do I cite and reference an Act of Parliament? Please refer to the APU Library Referencing Guide for guideline on

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