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ECON7021 Individual Assignment Part 1 Pre-pandemic macroeconomic conditions of Australia Assessment Task Assess the macroeconomic performance of Australia before the COVID-19 pandemic Weighting 10% of course (100 marks reweighted to 10%) Word Limit 400 words excluding cover sheet and reference section Due Date 10 September 2021, 5 pm Marking Rubric Blackboard > Assessment > Individual Assignment > Individual Assignment Part 1 > Marking Rubric Submission Turnitin via course Blackboard site (see details on page 5) Academic Integrity UQ has strict rules against cheating, including “colluding with other students on individual assessment items”. You must read and be familiar with these rules. (Please refer to PPL 3.60.04 Student Integrity and Misconduct) Context The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most countries to pursue social

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