The Next Public Administration Debates and Dilemmas is a phenomenally written and researched masterpiece which goes to the core of the subject of public administration and management. The book presents in-depth analysis and examination of what the discipline of public management constitutes and what challenges it has undergone in the past, and it’s still facing today.  One of the best things with this book is that it does not only stop at the point of past and current opportunities and challenges of public management, but also it goes into a great length of providing a futuristic prognosis of the subject in light of modernizing reforms. This critical review of these trends over the years serves the purpose of giving a better and comprehensive understanding to any reader especially to those who may be novices of the topic.

The book is written by two leading experts and award-winning scholars in the field of public administration and management. Guys Peter has immense and overarching knowledge and experience of this subject having written many works on American public administration policy comparative to that of other countries. He is a professor at the American University of Pittsburg and also a visiting scholar of other several universities. Jon Pierre is a global renowned public governance expert having had stints in several universities globally. Most of his former works have on many occasions concentrated on how political science influences the public service of a country. He has previously co-written several books on political science as well as his works appearing in many peer-reviewed journals.

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