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In this assignment, you will demonstrate mastery of the following competency:

  • Produce various communications aligned to the mission and brand of an organization


Pasta Amore logo with pasta, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, basil leaves, and garlic cloves on a table

You work as a training manager for a small restaurant, Pasta Amore. The restaurant is opening a new location in Suburbia, Somewhere; in addition, the company would like to draw attention to its expanding online presence. This location expansion may present an opportunity to do that as well. The restaurant owner, Laura Morelli, would like you to present a communication strategy with clearly defined communication goals for the next year. She emphasized the importance of ensuring that the presentation is aligned with the company style guide to ensure cohesiveness of various communications.

Company Overview

Pasta Amore serves authentic Italian cuisine in a warm, welcoming, family-friendly environment. The restaurant owners are from an Italian background, and they have a strong appreciation for Italian food and traditions that bring families together over a delicious homemade meal.

Pasta Amore Style Guide

Prior to beginning this project, Laura has asked you to review the company style guide, which includes the following information:

  • Mission statement
  • Vision
  • Logo and usage information
  • Color palette information
  • Primary typography information
  • Image use guidelines

Target Audience Information

New Restaurant Setting

The communications team has already created an audience segmentation table based on demographic information about the restaurant’s new location:

Audience Segment DescriptionAge RangeIncome RangeEducation LevelFamily LifeAdditional Information
Up and Coming25–44Upper-middleCollege graduateMixedIncludes recent college graduatesHealthy, active lifestyleHomeowner/renter mixMid- to above-average technology use
Growing Neighborhoods25–45Low-middleMixCouples with kidsEthnically diverseExperience working in retail or service industriesMix of renters and homeownersMid- to above-average technology use
Retired55+Upper-middleSome collegeChildren moved outTraditional valuesAppreciate practicality and simplicityTypically homeownersMid- to low-level technology useEthnically diverse

Delivery Approaches to Consider

Here are some tools to consider, but feel free to propose new ideas and tools to get the word out about the restaurant’s new location.

  • Social media
    • The company currently uses Facebook and has a business page where it regularly post specials and interact with the community.
    • The company does not currently use other social media, but it is open to expanding its reach.
  • Free local newspaper (Suburbia Weekly Buzz)
    • Suburbia Weekly Buzz is a weekly local newspaper that covers news about city politics, entertainment, and community interests. The newspaper allows paid advertisements and features for businesses. It is available for free at local businesses, including restaurants and grocery stores. It is well-known and read by a diverse audience.
  • Paid local newspaper (City Gazette)
    • The daily newspaper is available in stores and offers digital subscriptions to its online edition.
    • Readers are mostly middle-aged to older adults.
  • Company website/blog
    • The company has a simple website with its mission in the “About Us” section, as well as hours and a menu. Stakeholders are open to expanding resources on the website to better connect to the community and build brand awareness, if the website would be an appropriate communication platform.

Economic Environment

  • Suburbia already has one Italian restaurant that markets itself as “fine Italian dining.” It is located on the outskirts of town and is very expensive. The restaurant appeals mostly to older, wealthy people in the community.
  • The area is in a phase of significant economic and middle-class growth. The city is located in an area with many old textile mills that are being bought and converted to office space by technology companies. This is creating jobs and stimulating the local economy.

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