This is the link of the article:

No other sources needed.
This should be a one page single-spaced abstract that summarizes the article. More details are in the attachment.

 You are responsible for finding an article related to the topics in a peer reviewed Speech Pathology journal.  The paper should be no longer than one page, singled spaced. You should review and summarize one peer reviewed journal articles on a specific treatment or assessment approach.

Answer these questions in the summary:

Purpose of Study (Specific reason for study)

A. Why is this study being done?

B. What is the “Statement

This information can usually be found at the end of the Introduction/Literature Review Section

of the Article.

II. Rationale for the Study (Theory behind the study)

A. What led the author(s) to pursue the study?

B. What is/isn’t presently done (clinically) that led the author(s) to study this topic?

C. What “new” information has become available that the author(s) felt worthy of study?


A. What were the results of the study?

B. Did the author(s) find what they thought they would find?

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