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Educational Philosophy: Prewriting Assignment Instructions


This paper is a statement of your personal philosophy of education, which will focus on the purpose of education. This assignment will help you focus on your beliefs about education and will help you to be able to better articulate your philosophy of education which is invaluable in your future job search.


Before beginning this paragraph, download the “Educational Philosophy Paper Assignment Instructions” document from the Assignments page in Blackboard. Read the instructions for the full paper assignment so that you have a grasp of how these prewriting assignments will progress.

Paragraph 1: Using Ornstein et al or Graham as a reference, write a 100-word paragraph relating your personal philosophy of schools and learning. This paragraph should focus on the “why” of education—the long-range impact you believe schools and learning should have on individuals and on society. Save the “how” of education for later. State what you personally believe. Do not feel obligated to embrace a particular philosophy. However, you are to situate your beliefs among others by citing ideas that illustrate yours or are in opposition to yours. Do not try to cover everything; just identify one or two key theories that might illustrate your own beliefs about the purpose/outcome of schools and learning. Be cautious about assigning to yourself a label that you do not fully understand. If you do not understand all that the label entails, you could unknowingly convey inconsistent ideas throughout your writing. (You may sparingly use first person pronouns but avoid over usage and redundancy. You can still make strong statements of declarative beliefs without using I, we, or you. Using third person plural helps. For example, “Teachers should,” “Parents ought to,” etc.)

Paragraph 2: Apply your purpose/philosophy to the “how” of education as you write this 100-word paragraph about instructional practice. Discuss your personal beliefs about how learners come to know truth; what causes learning to occur; what you will implement in the classroom; what pedagogical practices, instructional strategies, or methods you will tend to use most frequently; and what you hope to accomplish by using these strategies.

Paragraph 3: In this 100-word paragraph, you may choose any of these options: the role of the teacher, the role of the student, teacher-student relationship, diversity, classroom management, assessment, or subject-matter philosophy.

Cite your Ornstein et al textbook and at least one other source of your choice in APA format and list your reference at the bottom of your post. (You will be able to see other students’ posts after you make your initial post.)

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