For this assignment, you are expected to write a persuasive argument over the new proposed voter regulations that is being promoted by Texas Republicans. In writing your paper it should be between 2-3 pages long employing the APA format and using 3 sources.  Your sources should be either news articles or journal articles used from the Lone Star library academic database.  In writing your paper, you must initially explore and report in a balanced manner arguments pro and con for this policy proposal.  After outlining the balanced arguments, your paper should have a clear thesis statement. As an argumentative essay this paper should have at minimum two claims for why your position supporting the legislation or opposition to the legislation is clearly outlined.  In the event that you need to cite information from another source, such as using an article that was written by someone else, you will need to utilize APA style formatting.  Please consult Purdue OWL if you are unclear on how to use APA style formatting. 

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